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I'd do it if I could... Hope you know I would....♥

♥Haley Dawn MacGillivary♥
8 December
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-*Current Hair color: strawberry blonde
-*Natural Hair color: Blonde
-*Color of eyes: Blue
-*Height: 5'2/5'3
-*shoe size (haha):6 or 7 females
-*Favorite Bands: Slipknot ♥ and the Get Up Kids
-*Favorite songs: prosthetics and I'll catch you and pretty girl and hands down
-*Favorite colors: pink -&- black
-*Favorite quotes: **Fuck It all, Fuck this world, Fuck everything that you stand for, Dont belong, Don't exsite, Don't give a shit, Don't ever judge me!
-*Favorite movies: The Rocky Horror Picture Show -&- SLC Punk -&- Nightmare Before Christmas -&- ChiCago!
-*Favorite actor: Johnny Depp ♥
-*Peircings: belly botten... Nose and my more recent one... tongue
-*Boyfriend?: no
-*language: English/French
-*Favorite holiday: Christmas
-*Favorite saying: kool -&- haha -&- XD -&- woot!
-*smoke?: No way!(eww)
-*drink?: Nope!
-*Drugs?: Nope!
-*Bestfriends: Leah, Tyler, Samantha, Madison, Adam, Aaron, Guilia, Shaun!
-*Best net friends: Chris, Brianna


I have a my space add me!
13, alkaline trio, animals, art, best friends, black, black nails, blink 182, bot meets world, boxing, boy meets world, bright lips, buffalo tom, cats, cherry icecream, chicago, chocolate, chris fehn, christmas, colored hair, computers, corey taylor, cotten candy, cradle of filth, craig jones, cream soda, cuddling, curling up in blankets, dancing, dashbaord confessional, disasterpiece, drama, drawing, emo, emo boys, freddy, freddy movies, french, friends, frosty the snowman, futurama, grease, guitars, guns n' roses, halloween, horror movies, iowa, james root, jelly braceletes, jennifer tilly, joey jordison, johhny depp, johnny depp, korn, leah's house, ligers, lime green, lizards, love, love songs, maggots, mate feed kill repeat, meatloaf, metal, mfkr, mick thomson, msn, murderdolls, music, my so-called life, nail polish, napolean dynamite, napoleon dynamite, night mare before christmas, ozzfest, painting, paul gray, phones, photography, piercings, pink, pirates of the caribbean, poems, popcorn, richard gere, rickie vasquez, roadrunner records, rocky horror picture show, school of rock, seed of chucky, shaun crahan, shawn crahan, shopping, sid wilson, slc punk, slipknot, slushies, snakes, socks, stone sour, strawberry icecream, subliminal verses, sugarcult., summer time., tater tots, tetherball, the all-american rejects, the cure, the darkness, the get up kids, the nightmare before christmas, thirteen, tim burton, tim burton movies, urban legends, websites, weezer, weird socks, writing, yellow, yellowcard